Technical Articles on Model-Based Testing (MBT)

Model-Based Testing (MBT) is an outstanding and astounding solution to software testing. What MBT has given rise to is a methodology that comprehensively explores the application under test and captures its behavior in a well understood and robust notation that is both intuitive and simple - Extended Finite State Machine (EFSM) notation. This notation gives rise to a representation of the behavior of interest in the form of a model that can be visualized graphically, and through TestOptimal can be animated or viewed during execution. Humans are by nature a visual creature and the dimension of visualization must not be underestimated in comprehension. ... Hani Achka, click to see more.

The astounding feature of MBT and its coupling to automated test generation and execution is its ability to discover (legitimate) paths through models which result in test sequences and test cases that ordinarily the tester may never have thought of or have had time to explore. These very unique sequences usually find bugs that would not normally be found during testing but surely would be found in production.

MBT and TestOptimal will save at least 30% off test time in manual testing scenarios and will save up to 70% off test time in automation and execution whilst providing automated progression testing and guaranteeing 100% regression testing from build to build releases to release. MBT as applied by TestOptimal means once tested for ever tested through continually growing model-based test automation regression suits which are the sum total of all test suits developed throughout the product development lifecycle.

It has been proven time and again that MBT via TestOptimal is, bar none, the most powerful, comprehensive, easily adapted and applied software testing and test automation solution available on the market.

Hani Achkar
Senior Verification & Validation Manager
Primary Health Care Limited
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