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For QA professionals and test engineers who are looking to innovate their testing process, TestOptimal is an integrated next-generation test design and test automation toolset powered by Model-Based Testing (MBT). Unlike QTP and TestComplete, TestOptimal helps you bring agility and efficiency to your testing process and shorten your testing cycle.

TestOptimal BasicMBT, ProMBT, EnterpriseMBT, Behavior-Driven Testing (BDT), Test Data Designer, Dashboard, RuntimeMBT and SvrMgr are a suite of model-based test automation tools for functional testing and load/performance testing. TestOptimal combines Model- Based Testing, Data-Driven Testing (DDT) and Combinatorial Testing (Pairwise Testing) to provide you a powerful test case generation and test automation tool.

MBT enables you to find defects earlier in the development cycle and respond to changes quickly and efficiently. Animation of test execution enables you to gain insight and perform visual validation on the model. Track requirement coverage and visualize test cases in various graphs. Choose one of many algorithms to generate test sequences for desired test coverage. Re-purpose same models and automation scripts for load and performance testing. TestOptimal can help you reduce development cycle, achieve unprecedented test coverage and improve response to changes while gaining higher confidence in your software delivery.

TestOptimal Customers

TestOptimal provided the test team with the ability to complete automated progression testing of a large web based medical results portal ... to achieve over 90% coverage of requirements with automated tests and provide an improvement in release turnaround times of over 60%. Based on the success of the initial pilot project the TestOptimal ProMBT tools have been deployed to all our project teams with excellent results... see more

Paul Graham | Chief Technology Officer | Primary Health Care, Australia