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ALM Integration

TestOptimal supports integration with your requirements and defects ALM systems.

  • Requirements - bring in requirements into model: Jira, TFS/VSTS, HP QC, Files and Excel.
  • Defect - automatically create issues in defect system and visualize the test path on the model to reproduce existing defects: Jira, TFS/VSTS, HP/QC and Fogbugz.
  • Test Case Management - exporting test cases into text files to be imported into your test case management system

Steps to Enable ALM Integration

Three simple steps to enable ALM integrations:

  1. Configure ALM Data Source (ALM AddOn) - see below
  2. Enable ALM Plugin with Model Property
  3. Select ALM Data Source for models with ALM Configuration

Step 1 just needs to be performed once and it's good for all models in TestOptimal installation. Perform steps 2-3 for each model that requires ALM integration.

Configure ALM Data Source

ALM Data Source is defined in config.properties file. ALM systems supported are:

Requirements/Defects Views

Once you have enabled ALM plugin and selected the ALM AddOn, you can access requirements through Requirements View to bring requirements from your ALM into your model and visualized defects raised by your model through Defects View.

You will also be able to raise defects automatically during model execution.

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