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   - [[tfs_addon | Microsoft TFS/VSTS AddOn]]   - [[tfs_addon | Microsoft TFS/VSTS AddOn]]
   - [[qc_addon | HP QC/ALM AddOn]]   - [[qc_addon | HP QC/ALM AddOn]]
 +  - [[octane_addon | HPE Octane AddOn]]
   - [[fogbugz_addon | Fogbugz AddOn]]   - [[fogbugz_addon | Fogbugz AddOn]]
   - [[file_addon | File and Excel]]   - [[file_addon | File and Excel]]
 +==== Requirements/​Defects Views ====
 +Once you have enabled ALM plugin and selected the ALM AddOn, you can access requirements through [[requirements_view | Requirements View]] to bring requirements from your ALM into your model and visualized defects raised by your model through [[defects_view | Defects View]].
 +You will also be able to raise defects automatically during model execution.
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