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 +==== ALM Plugin ====
 +//ALM Plugin// provides the integration with //​Application Lifecycle Management//​ systems.
 +Currently //ALM Plugin// provides built-in integration with //Jira// and //Jama Contour//​. ​ You may build your own ALM adaptor to integrate with your requirement and defect systems and plug it into //ALM Plugin//.
 +Requirement integration when configured retrieves requirements from the requirement system, allows you to view and remove unwanted requirements and perform change synchronization with your requirement system. More details see [[requirements_view]]
 +Defect integration when configured retrieves list of outstanding defects raised by the current model, lets you view details of the defect, and highlight the path on the model that led to the state/​transition that detected the defect. More details see [[defects_view]]
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