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 ===== ALM Plugin ===== ===== ALM Plugin =====
-//ALM Plugin// ​adds integration ​to ALM systems ​to your //​TestOptimal//​ server. Through //ALM Plugin// you can retrieve ​requirements ​directly from your requirement system ​and raise defects ​directly to your defect system.+//ALM Plugin// ​allows your model to access ​ALM systems ​for requirements and defects.
-There are many different types of Requirements and Defect systems. ​ Currently ​//ALM Plugin// supports the following integration through AddOn: +The plugin accesses ALM system through ​//ALM AddOn// as described in [[alm_integration ​ALM Integration]].
-  * [[JIRA AddOn JIRA - requirement]] +
-  * [[JIRA AddOn | JIRA - defect]] +
-  * [[JIRA AddOn | JIRA / Jama - requirement]] +
-  * [[JIRA AddOn | JIRA / polarion - requirement]] +
- +
- +
-You may create your own AddOn to integrate with any requirement and defect systems. ​ All you have to do is to create a java class and implement com.webmbt.alm.ALM_ReqIntf and com.webmbt.alm.ALM_BugIntf.+
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