Annotation Editor

Context Menu: State Annotation, Transition Annotation

Annotation is used to annotate and visualize the state and transition during model execution (Rel 5.1.0). Use Annotation Editor to create and edit state/transition annotation.

Annotation Format

Markdown syntax is used to create the annotation for the state and transition. You may also embed html tags within markdown scripts.

You may also embed mscript expression inside annotation, e.g. $getVar('myVar'), [myVar], $getSysVar('curStateID'), [curStateID], $date('today','yyyy-MM-dd'), as well as your custom mscript functions to dynamically change the content of the annotation.

Editing Annotation

Annotation Editor automatically renders the markdown script in the preview section right below the editor work area. Any updates to the annotation script are automatically reflected in the preview.

You can style annotation script manually by typing the markdown tokens directly into the editor. Alternatively, you can use the mini icons above the editor work area to change the text style for the select annotation script/text.

Be sure to click “OK” to save the changes.

Annotation View

The annotation can be viewed in the Annotation View during model execution. Be sure to enable BA Plugin as the annotation is generated from markdown scripts that you have entered for the state and transition by BA Plugin as model executes.

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