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 +**TestOptima** uses java logger to write to two log files: mScript Log and Server Log.
 +mScript Log contains the log messages written out by mScript <log> tag. A new mScript log file is created for each model execution. The files are located in /​www/​MbtSvr/​log/​ folder with mscript_'​modelName'​_nnnnnnnn.log. The mScript log files are purged automatically. You can specify number of days of mScript log files to keep in <​code>​config.properties</​config>​
 +Server log file (webmbtServer.log) contains the system log messages and errors. It is located in /​www/​MbtSvr/​log/​ folder. This is the file you want to check if you are experiencing problem with IDE or server. Tech support often times will require you to upload this log file to help trouble shooting the issues for you. Only one copy of the server log file is kept, each time the server is started, this log file is cleared.
 +You can access both log files from the <​code>​Log</​code>​ IDE menu.
 +You can config the log level (amount of details) by setting the server startup argument: -logLevel xxx -mscriptLogLevel yyy
 +where xxx and yyy are the log levels per [[http://​docs.oracle.com/​javase/​1.4.2/​docs/​api/​java/​util/​logging/​Level.html|java logger]]:
 +  * SEVERE (highest value)
 +  * INFO
 +  * CONFIG
 +  * FINE
 +  * FINER
 +  * FINEST (lowest value)
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