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 +There are 4 tabs in the Code pane as pictured above. Click on the tab label to bring the specific tab to the front and click on {{http://​testoptimal.com/​img/​refresh.gif}} to refresh current/​active tab.
 +  - [[PropertyTab|PropertyTab]] - shows the properties for the selected model node.
 +  - __Graph__[[edit=GraphTab|?​]] - Displays the graph representation of the MBT model. This feature only works in Windows. The graph is generated from the model and can be laid out in two orientations:​ Left->​Right and Top->​Bottom. Use [[Config|Config]] in __RightPane__[[edit=RightPane|?​]] to change the setting. You may also set different colors for the states in [[state node|state node]].
 +  - [[MonitorTab|MonitorTab]] - shows the model execution status in realtime
 +  - [[StatsTab|StatsTab]] - shows the model execution statistics.
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