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User Authentication

TestOptimal supports several ways to authenticate the users to control who should have access to TestOptimal IDE remotely.

Property File

This is the simplest way to authenticate the users. The users are defined in a property file.

To select this option, go to “Help” / “Config” page and set “Auth Class” to “com.webmbt.AuthProp”.

Next is to enter all the user ids and their passwords in the file named userAuth.properties. This file must be placed in /www/MbtSvr/config/ folder.

The user ids and their passwords are stored in a plain java properties file in the following format: userid=password.

You will need to restart TestOptimal server to ake the changes effective.

The passwords in userAuth.properties are encrypted automatically next time when the server is started.

LDAP Authentication

You may configure TestOptimal to authenticate the users using your existing LDAP server.

To use LDAP as the user authentication, open “Help” / “Config” page and enter the “com.webmbt.AuthLdap” into “Auth Class” field. Optional you may change “Auth Realm” field. This instructs TestOptimal to invoke LDAP user authentication.

Next you need to edit /www/MbtSvr/config/ldap.properties file and define a set of parameters about your ldap servers.

Restart TestOptimal server to make the changes effective.

The user credentials are cached and thus any user id and password changes on the ldap server may not be reflected in TestOptimal. You must restart TestOptimal server to clear the cache.

Other user authentications may be supported through custom code by creating a java class inheriting from com.webmbt.AuthBase.

Build Your Own

You may develop your own user authentication very easily. All you have to do is to create a java class inheriting from com.webmbt.AuthBase and implement AuthCredential?(String userID_p, String password_p). That's it.

The user id and password are cached automatically by com.webmbt.AuthBase for performance.

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