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SysTray Console Installation

TestOptimal server can be installed to automatically start when you login to Windows. You will also be able to control server start, stop and apply software updates using the SystemTray Console .

The installation is very simple. Find the batch file addAutoStart.bat (Windows) and execute it. That's it. The SystemTray Console should automatically appear on the lower right corner of your screen (System Tray area) next time when you login to Windows/. For linux, you can add configstartSysTray.sh to .profile to have SystemTray Console automatically started.

You may manually start system tray console by executing startSysTray.bat (or startSysTray.sh for linux) in “config/” folder.

Refer to TestOptimal System Tray Console for usage information.

For Mac users, you just double click on TestOptimal app and that should automatically add TestOptimal to the SysTray area.

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