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Batch Run

Batch Run allows you to submit a set of models for concurrent execution. Often times you may need to run multiple models to test a specific scenarios you need to test or just need to run a bunch models to simulate a specific production load scenarios.

All models within the current installation are listed alphabetically. You may re-sort the model by clicking on the sort button next to the column label.

Select the models to be executed by checking the checkbox next to the model. You may check or un-check all models by clicking on the checkbox on the header section.

To submit the selected models for execution, enter a brief description in Stat Desc field, the email address in Email on Completion field to receive the notification when model executions are completed, and click Run Selected Models button.

Run on Enterprise Server

Enterprise Edition Server allows up to 5 concurrent model executions for the standard edition and can be licensed to run more than 5 models.

If your IDE is running on an Enterprise Server, the models by default will be execute on the same server. You can view and manage the model executions with the IDE by switching to different models through Session menu.

However you can still submit models to run on Runtime Servers by connecting to SvrMgr. See more details at the next section.

Run on Runtime Servers

You can submit the models to run on Runtime Servers that are managed by SvrMgr. All you have to do is to connect to SvrMgr before you open Run Batch.

To connect to SvrMgr, select File / Connect to SvrMgr. If SvrMgr is connected successfully, you should see the menu item appear File / Disconnect SvrMgr. Use this new menu to disconnect from SvrMgr when you are done.

Configure SvrMgr

By default, SvrMgr is set to be running on http://localhost:8000// in your installation. Most likely your SvrMgr is running on another host and port#, in which case you will nee to change the configuration to match the SvrMgr url. To change the SvrMgr url, select Help / Server Configuration menu to open Configuration Property dialog. Look for SvrMgr URL field and set it to appropriate value.

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