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Batch Config is an XML document which contains the grouping of models to be executed.

Models are grouped in ExecGroup tag. Multiple groups can run in parallel. Models in each group are executed sequentially. Groups may have dependenies on other groups.

Batch config file can be placed anywhere on your harddrive, however it is recommended to place them in “script” folder.

The instruction on how to execute batch config can be found at BatchMode.

We will explain the exmaple batch config which can be found in /script/mbtBatch.xml also. You may execute the example script/startMbtBatch.bat in DOS Command window.

Please note that all xml tags and attribute names are case sensitive.

Batch xml file root tag is MbtBatch. In this example, there are two groups defined in ExecGroup tags: “A” and “INIT”, both identified by their unique value in “name” attribute. Group “A” depends on “INIT” group meaning group “INIT” have been executed before group “A” can be executed. This is described by “requires” attribute in group “A”.

Groups can be executed in parallel. You may set the maximum number of groups that can be executed in parallel using attribute “parallels” of MbtBatch tag.

Group can have a timeout (in minutes), used to interrupt the execution when the group has been executing over the limit. When a group execution is interrupted, all remaining models in the group will be not be executed. You may also set “timeout” for the entire batch in MbtBatch tag or individual model execution item in ExecItem tag.

Executing groups in parallel requires multiple concurrent user license as each executing group consumes one user license.

All group executions in a batch run within the same TestOptimal server instance.

Group may have a status preset. If the “status” for the group is set to anything other than “Pending”, the group will not be executed. Use this status attribute to skip certain groups you want to skip temporarily.

Group contains a list of execution items, each of the execution items represents an execution of a model or an mCase of a model. You may execute the same model multiple times within the same group. You can specify a timeout to allow the execution item to be executed for a specific amount of time (in minutes).

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