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Run Models in Batch Mode

You can start TestOptimal server and run a series of MBT models in a batch or cron job.

To do so, just change the startup java class name from com.webmbt.TestOptimalServer to com.webmbt.client.TestOptimalClient and add the following arguments to the java command:

  • -batch batchXmlFileName
  • -delay num-of-seconds
  • -keepAlive

batchXmlFileName is the batch execution configuration which contains the execution groups and models to be executed.

The -delay option instructs TestOptimal server to wait for the specified number of seconds before it exeutes the model. You may need to use this option if for some reason TestOptimal server needs more time to start.

If -keepAlive is specified, TestOptimal serve will remain up after the last model is executed.

You may also want to check out the email notification option.

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