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 +=====Run Models in Batch Mode ===== 
 +You can start //​TestOptimal//​ server and run a series of MBT models in a batch or cron job. 
 +To do so, just change the startup java class name from //​com.webmbt.TestOptimalServer//​ to //​com.webmbt.client.TestOptimalClient//​ and add the following arguments to the java command:
 +  * //-batch// batchXmlFileName
 +  * //-delay// num-of-seconds
 +  * //​-keepAlive//​
 +//​batchXmlFileName//​ is the [[batchConfig|batch execution configuration]] which contains the execution groups and models to be executed.
 +The //-delay// option instructs //​TestOptimal//​ server to wait for the specified number of seconds before it exeutes the model. You may need to use this option if for some reason //​TestOptimal//​ server needs more time to start.
 +If //​-keepAlive//​ is specified, //​TestOptimal//​ serve will remain up after the last model is executed.
 +You may also want to check out the [[Notification|email notification]] option.
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