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 +   ​**Objectives:​** MBT modeling, test sequence generation
 +   **MBT Model:** http://​TestOptimal.com/​demo/​Demo_BigModel.png.
 +This demo is to show how **//​TestOptimal//​** can handle large model and how fast its optimal sequencers can generate 100% test coverage from the model.
 +Downloaded this model from [[http://​testoptimal.com/​models/​|here]] and save it (*.mbt) to //model// folder.
 +Most of the test generators on the market repeatively call "​shortest path" algorithm in order to cover all transitions in the model. This is inefficient and slow.
 +The algorithms used in **//​TestOptimal//​** are designed to generate the optimal test sequence. As a result, **//​TestOptimal//​** can generate test sequences many times faster than other test generators especially on the larger models.
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