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 +===== Customize TestOptimal Port# =====
 +//​TestOptimal//​ server requires two consecutive port numbers. By default it uses port 8888 for IDE and 8889 for internal communication.
 +You can change IDE port number by adding the startup parameter //-port nnnn// in //​startTestOptimalServer.bat//​ file in //​TestOptimal//​ folder. ​ Be sure to restart //​TestOptimal//​ server.
 +The license that you have purchased may be locked down to the specific host and port#​. ​ If your license is the node-locked down type, you will need to contact support@testoptimal.com and request that your license be moved to a different host or port#.
 +You may purchase a //float license// which allows you to run //​TestOptimal//​ server on any host or port within your intranet. ​ //Float license// requires //SvrMgr// to manage the //float licenses//.
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