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Model Canvas Setting

»Model Editor MiniButton

Model Editor allows users to adjust different aspects of the model and display settings via Canvas Setting dialog.


  • Background Color - sets the background color for the modeling canvas by entering a color code or choosing a color from Color Pallette
  • Canvas Width - sets the width of the modeling canvas in pixels.
  • Canvas Height - sets the height of the modeling canvas in pixels.
  • Zoom - sets the zoom for the modeling canvas, may not work on some of the browsers
  • Show State Flags - sets the flags to show on the header of the state box.
  • Show Trans Flags - sets the flags to show on the transition label.
  • Graph Orientation - sets the graph orientation to instruct graph generator the direction to grow: Left→Right for horizontally and Top→Bottom for vertically.
  • Expand Sub-Model - if sub-model should be expanded in the model editor and graphs.
  • Use Short Label - instructs graph generator if to put minimum information on the transition label to reduce the size of the graph.

Open Canvas View

Canvas Setting can be opened in several ways:

  • button in SideBar
  • Model / Canvas Setting menu
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