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Server Configuration

The download package come pre-configured and is ready for use. All you need to do is to make sure the browser you want to test your application with is installed in the system standard location or it's executable is in the system path.

However you may need to customize the configuration to meet your needs better.

Configuration File

The server configuration settings are stored in config.properties file in /www/MbtSvr/config/ folder.

The configuration file is read at server startup and updated while server is running.

Edit Configuration

The configuration file is just a text file. It can be edited with any text editor.

Shut down TestOptimal server before editing the configuration file. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your changes and cause server error.

Browser Location

By default, TestOptimal server assumes your browsers are installed at the default location.

If the browser you want to use is installed in a different location on your computer, you may need to set PATH environment variable to point to the actual location where browser is installed:

* For unix/linux, make sure the Firefox directory is in PATH environment variable and add Firefox libraries to LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

* For Mac OS X: it should be enough to install Firefox.app in /Applications directory add Firefox libraries to DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

JVM Startup Argument

JVM Startup Arguments are not stored in config.properties file. Instead they are stored in startTestOptimalServer.bat on Windows or startTestOptimalServer.sh on Linux and Mac.

You may change the JVM startup parameters if needed by editing the corresponding startTestOptimalServer file.

If you are running TestOptimal in Eclipse or NetBeans, please refer to the IDE documentation on how to change/specify the JVM startup parameters to run a java program.

Configuration Settings

The following are a few of these settings you can change/define in config.properties, for other configuration settings, please contact Tech Support:

  • AppTimeoutMillis - max time in millis to wait for the initial page of AUT to load, specify value of 0 to turn off this timeout. (since Rel 2.1).
  • OptimalGuardDepth - max number of retries to resolve the guarded transitions. Default to 5. (Rel 3.0.20)
  • AbortOnGuardFailure - Y to abort the model execution when the system can not find the alternative path when guard condition failed. (3.1.4)
  • RandomAvoidDepth - number of recent transitions to avoid during random/greedy traversal of the model. Default to 5. (Rel. 3.0.20)
  • AgentTimeoutMillis - max time in millis the server will wait for remote agent to complete the command, applicable to RemoteCommandPlugin and RemoteTriggerPlugin only. Default 1000 milliseconds. (since Rel 3.0).
  • plugins - list of plugins, default setting is: com.webmbt.plugin.HtmlUnitPlugin; com.webmbt.plugin.JavaAppPlugin; com.webmbt.plugin.SeleniumPlugin,localhost,4444,4450; com.webmbt.plugin.RemoteCommandPlugin; com.webmbt.plugin.RemoteTriggerPlugin;
  • Logging - refer to config logging to change how log messages are written to mScript and Server logs.
  • mScriptWrapAttr - Y to wrap mScript attributes to a separate line, N to force mScript to be displayed in a single line. (since Rel 3.1.7)
  • modelFolder - location of model folder, by default model folder is in the root folder of TestOptimal installation. Use this setting to point to a network/shared model folder. (since Rel 3.2.20)
  • svrMgrHost - to override the default host name (Rel. 4.0.15, for SvrMgr only)
  • stateStereotypeList - customizable list of state stereotypes (Rel. 4.0.15)
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