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Custom Plugins

Custom Plugins is used to extend TestOptimal functionality by implementing a set of MScript functions to be used in MScript. Your plugin can then be enabled in Model Property to call its MScript methods in the model

You can download Example Custom Plugin java project (Eclipse) as an example to build your own custom plugin.

Create Plugin Java Class

In your Java IDE, create a new java class inheriting from com.webmbt.plugin.PluginAncestor. You will need to add webmbt.jar and plugins.jar to your IDE class path.

Implement the required class methods:

  • void close()
  • String getPluginID()
  • void init(ScxmlNode arg0, String[] arg1) throws Exception
  • void start() throws Exception
  • String snapScreen(String fileName_p) throws Exception
  • annotate the class with @TO_PLUGIN (rel. 4.6)
  • place custom plugin initialization logic in either the java methods:
  • init() - called prior to trigger MBT_Start
  • start() - called after trigger MBT_Start
  • add class methods to be exposed to MScript:
  • all MScript methods must be declared as public methods
  • all MScript methods must be annotated with @MSCRIPT_METHOD

Compile Plugin

Once you have the java class created, compile it and package the .class file into a jar file. If your plugin java class depends on other java classes, make sure also compile those java classes and package them into the same jar file.

Deploy Plugin

copy your plugin jar file into lib folder and restart TestOptimal server. If you have updated your plugin, you will need to re-deploy the plugin jar file and restart TestOptimal server in order to make the new plugin jar file effective.

Configure Code-Assis

Optionally you can add your plugin MScript methods to MScript code assist by defining them in a java properties file with the following steps:

  • name properties file as CAPluginFuncplugin ID.properties
  • properties file must be placed in www/MbSvr/config folder
  • declare each MScript method with format of method name=method syntax@tooltip: tooltip text
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