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 +Db tag is a command tag. It defines a jdbc data source to be used by [[sqlTag|sql tag]].
 +The syntax is:
 +    <db connectionstring="​jdbc connection string"​ driverclass="​jdbc driver class name" id="​myDB"​ user="​xxx"​ password="​yyy"​ />
 +For mysql database, use "​jdbc:​mysql://​localhost/​test"​ for **connectionstring** attribute and "​com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"​ for **driverclass** attribute.
 +To access [[Access CSV File|csv file]] or [[AccessExcelFile|excel file]], use the built-in file and excel driver. See [[datasetTag|datasetTag]] or [[Read From File, Excel, Java, URL|Read From File, Excel, Java, URL]] for more details.
 +The "​id"​ attribute is the unique identifier for the db tag and is used in mscript functions to access this data source.
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