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By default, SeqOutPlugin generates an html page for the generated test cases from the model execution. See webpage output or Excel output.

The generated web page consists of three sections:

  1. General Information - shows the model, sequencer and settings used to generate the test cases.
  2. Requirements Traceability Matrix - shows the requirements coverage by each test case. At a glance, you can get a high level information about the requirement coverage by each test case.
  3. Test Case Details - shows the details of the test case. It consists of 6 separate sub-sections:
    1. requirements tag list - shows list of requirements tags covered by the test case
    2. transition traversal graph - shows how the order the transitions are traversed for the test case
    3. setup - setup instruction and actions
    4. test step list - a table showing the details of the test steps, what requirements are covered. You can also record the test step status interactively.
    5. tear down - test case tear down actions
    6. audit record - record who and when the test case was executed with a note area to record comments.

The webpage is actually a web application that highlights the corresponding test case and the requirement traceability matrix as you set the status for each test step and requirement. When you are done, you can print it or save it for documentation purpose.

See webpage output.

Printing problem? if you are trying to print the example output page to a printer and notice the cell colors do not print, this is caused by the browser being set not to print background images and colors (to save printer ink and toner). You can change this setting as follows:

  • IE - select “Internet Options”, select “Advanced” tag, scroll down to “Printing” section and check the checkbox “Print background color and images”.
  • Firefox - select “File” / “Page SetUp”, select “Format & Options” and check the checkbox “Print Background(colors & images)”.
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