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 # This is the standard format file. DO NOT change this format file as future release updates
 # will override any changes made.
 # To create a custom format, make a copy of this file and define this custom format in
 #   Help/Config page with a different plugin id.  Optionally you may also want to
 #   customize seqout.xsl and seqout.css.  Same restriction applies to these two files
 #   and thus you should only customize the copy of these files.
 # Any html reserved chars must be escaped or encoded to be compatible with xsl rules!
 # Definition of seqout generation format. @xxx@ is the token to be replaced by runtime values and their names
 # must match exactly the reserved token list. See SeqOutFormat
 # __IgnoreCmdList__[[edit=IgnoreCmdList|?]] lists all commands to be ignored separated by comma. (case sensitive)
 # __CopyFileList__[[edit=CopyFileList|?]] - list of file names separated by comma to be copied from /config to /report folder
 #   Usually this should include the css file, company log image, etc. so that you only need to maintain
 #   them in one places and the system will automatically copy the updated version to the report folder
 #   folder for the model when the sequence is generated.
 # __RemoveDuplicate__[[edit=RemoveDuplicate|?]] - if the duplicate test cases should be removed.  A duplicate test case is considered
 #   duplicate if it has the identical set of transition traversals in exactly the same order as another
 #   test case already generated.
 #   If you set __RemoveDuplicate__[[edit=RemoveDuplicate|?]]=true, you may force a test case to be preserved by calling mScript function
 #   $setPathFlag('keep').
 #   By setting __RemoveDuplicate__[[edit=RemoveDuplicate|?]]=false, no duplicate test cases(paths) will be removed, however, you can
 #   force the test case (path) to be discarded by calling mScript function $setPathFlag('discard').
 # Custom fields - must be prefixed by char "@". Custom fields are used by seqout.xsl
 # (or customer seqout xsl) with locator fieldList/field__name='xx'__[[edit=name='xx'|?]]/value
 # make sure also adjust #tcList td in seqout.css accordingly.
 #__StatusStyle__[[edit=StatusStyle|?]] must be either RADIO or SELECT
 # mscript function/tag formatting. keys and tokens are case sensitive and should not contain white spaces.
 ASSERT=Check: @VALUE1@ @OP@ @VALUE2@, log success as @PASSED@ and log failure as "@LEVEL@ - @ELSE@"
 closeWindow(NAME)=Close window @NAME@
 setupConfirmResponse(OK)=At next prompt, choose @OK@
 containsText(TEXT)=Contains text @TEXT@
 count(LOCATOR)=Count number of occurence of @LOCATOR@
 doubleClick(LOCATOR)=Double click on @LOCATOR@
 dragAndDrop(FROM,TO)=Drag @FROM@ and drop it on @TO@
 getAlertText()=Text of alert window
 getAttr(LOCATOR,ATTR)=Attribute @ATTR@ of element @LOCATOR@
 getConfirmText()=Text on confirm dialog window
 getCookie(NAME)=Value of cookie @NAME@
 getText(LOCATOR)=Text on @LOCATOR@
 getTitle()=Current window title
 isChecked(LOCATOR)=If checkbox @LOCATOR@ is checked
 getAllWindowsID()=Find all windows IDs
 isAlertPresent(LOCATOR)=Is alert dialog displayed?
 isConfirmPresent()=Is confirm dialog displayed?
 isDisabled(LOCATOR)=Is element @LOCATOR@ disabled?
 isPresent(LOCATOR)=Is element @LOCATOR@ present?
 isVisible(LOCATOR)=Is element @LOCATOR@ visible?
 mouseDown(LOCATOR)=Hold mouse button down while on @LOCATOR@
 mouseOver(LOCATOR)=Move mouse over @LOCATOR@
 mouseUp(LOCATOR)=Release mouse button while on @LOCATOR@
 refresh()=Click Refresh button
 rightClick(LOCATOR)=Right mouse click on @LOCATOR@
 selectFrame(NAME)=Mouse mouse over to frame @NAME@
 selectOption(LOCATOR,OPTION)=Select option @OPTION@ on element @LOCATOR@
 windowName_p(NAME)=Set focus on window @NAME@
 setCheckBox(LOCATOR,CHECKED)=Set checkbox @LOCATOR@ to @CHECKED@
 setRadioButton(LOCATOR,CHECKED)=Set radio button @LOCATOR@ to @CHECKED@
 sizeOf(LOCATOR)=Size of @LOCATOR@
 type(LOCATOR,TEXT)=Type @TEXT@ on field @LOCATOR@
 flashGetVariable(LOCATOR)=Flash variable @NAME@ on flash element @LOCATOR@
 snapScreen()=Take screenshot
 gotoURL(URL)=Browse to @URL@
 sleep(MILLIS)=Wait for @MILLIS@ milliseconds
 addTagCheck(TAG,PASSED,MSG)=Requirement tag @TAG@ @PASSED@: @MSG@
 click(LOCATOR)=Click on @LOCATOR@
 getValue(LOCATOR)=value of @LOCATOR@
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