Demo Model: RemoteAgent


Demo_RemoteAgent is to demonstrate one of many ways to integrate TestOptimal with your existing test automation tools like QTP, White, Abbot, etc.

NOTE: this model is included in the download package.

What's Included

The demo consists of the following components:

Execute Model

To run the demo, start up TestOptimal server and on a different or same machine run the startDemoRemoteAgent.bat file.

Below is what happens when the agent runs:

  1. connects to TestOptimal server
  2. opens model Demo_RemoteAgent and starts the execution on the server
  3. waits for 5 seconds to ensure the model execution completes the initialization
  4. obtains an agent id.
  5. gets the remote command from the server
  6. prints the remote command received, in real world model, you would execute the command on AUT
  7. loops until no more remote command is received from the server
  8. stops the model execution
  9. obtains model execution summary and prints it out
  10. close the model

Execution Results

The output you would see would look like this.

The process described above would be the same regardless of where the agent is running. The above processing can be implemented with any programming / scripting languages.

For more information about the agent in java and other languages, please refer to Remote Agents.

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