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 +===== Demo Model: RemoteAgent =====
 +==== Objective====
 +//​Demo_RemoteAgent//​ is to demonstrate one of many ways to integrate //​TestOptimal//​ with your existing test automation tools like QTP, White, Abbot, etc.
 +NOTE: this model is included in the download package.
 +==== What's Included ====
 +The demo consists of the following components:
 +  * FSM model, reuse of [[VendingMachine|VendingMachine]] model which is set to use [[remotetriggerplugin|RemoteTriggerPlugin]].
 +  * [[http://​testoptimal.com/​demo/​DemoRemoteAgent.java.txt|Java agent]] running as a separate java program on a different machine.
 +==== Execute Model ====
 +To run the demo, start up //​TestOptimal//​ server and on a different or same machine run the //​startDemoRemoteAgent.bat//​ file.
 +Below is what happens when the agent runs:
 +  - connects to //​TestOptimal//​ server
 +  - opens model //​Demo_RemoteAgent//​ and starts the execution on the server
 +  - waits for 5 seconds to ensure the model execution completes the initialization
 +  - obtains an agent id.
 +  - gets the remote command from the server
 +  - prints the remote command received, in real world model, you would execute the command on AUT
 +  - loops until no more remote command is received from the server
 +  - stops the model execution
 +  - obtains model execution summary and prints it out
 +  - close the model
 +==== Execution Results ====
 +The output you would see would look like [[http://​testoptimal.com/​demo/​Demo_RemoteAgent.log|this]].
 +The process described above would be the same regardless of where the agent is running. The above processing can be implemented with any programming / scripting languages.
 +For more information about the agent in java and other languages, please refer to [[RemoteAgent|Remote Agents]].
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