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Installation: Eclipse

Installing TestOptimal in Eclipse IDE (Java) that allows you to run TestOptimal server within Eclipse and develop / debug your model java handlers and custom plugins.

Installation Steps

New Installation

  • From an Eclipse workspace, select File/Import option.
  • At the Import screen, select General / Existing Project into Workspace and click Next button.

  • At the Import Project screen, click Browse button.

  • At the Browse for Folder screen, navigate to TestOptimal folder and click OK button.

  • Unordered List Item- Back to Import Project screen, click Finish button to complete the project import.

The project TO_IDE should be added to your Eclipse Package Explorer view.

Starting TestOptimal Server

To start TestOptimal server from Eclipse IDE, you need to set up Run command just like running a java application. To do so, right mouse click TO_IDE project and select Run As / Run Configurations… from the menu. It should open the Create, manage and run configurations dialog window show below:

Enter a meaningful name, make sure TO_IDE project is selected in Project field and enter com.webmbt.TestOptimalServer in Main class field.

Also enter -Xmx1024m -DGRAPHVIZ_DOT=lib\GraphViz\bin\dot.exe in VM arguments field as shown below:

Click Apply button to save the setting and Run button to start TestOptimal server.

Subsequently, you can start TestOptimalServer by right mouse click on the project and select Run As / Java Application menu.

Upgrade from Previous Version

  • copy all files and subfolders from unzipped TestOptimal folder to TestOptimal folder of your existing installation. When prompted if ok to override the existing files, select ok/yes.
  • if you have other jar packages in the previous release, you will have to add them back to the build path.

Enter License Key

After TestOptimal is installed into Eclipse workspace, you can proceed to enter the license key.

You can start TestOptimal in several ways:

  • right mouse click on java class script/TestOptimalServerStarter (under default package) and select Run As / Java Application.
  • run startTestOptimalServer.bat in root folder of TestOptimal installation folder.

Click http://localhost:8888/ to open TestOptimal IDE.

The Manage License dialog should open if the license key has never been entered before or the license key has expired. If Manage License dialog does not open, select Help / Manage License menu to open Manage License dialg.

Enter your email address and the license key you received and click Save button.

Be sure to stop TestOptimal server before you start JUnit test case.

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