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MBatch: ExecItem Tag

ExecItem tag is used to describe the model execution instance and its execution parameters.

  • status - Pending or Completed. Use Completed as a way to skip the execution of the model instance. This status is not updated as model is executed.
  • name - unique identifier for the model execution instance.
  • browser - type of browser to be used, see list below
    • firefox
    • chrome
    • iexplore
    • safari
    • opera
  • mode - test generation mode, OptimalSequence, RandomSequence, GreedySequence, MCaseOptimal, MCaseSerial and PriorityPath.
  • model - name of the model to be executed.
  • mcase - name of the mCase to be executed.
  • loops - number of times the model will be executed consecutively.
  • threads - number of virtual users to be used in model execution for load testing.
  • plugins - Selenium, Java, RemoteCmd, RemoteTrigger, WinUIA.
  • seed - the initial seed to be used for random number generator. only applicable for RandomSequencer and GreedySequencer.
  • count - stop condition: max number of transition traversals when exceeded to stop model execution.
  • coverage - stop condition: min transition coverage in % when reached to stop model execution, 1 - 100.
  • timeout - max execution elapse time in minutes allowed.
  • userid - user id to access model if security is enabled, overrides userid specified for the batch in MbtBatch tag.
  • password - password to access model if security is enabled, , overrides password specified for the batch in MbtBatch tag.
  • desc - stat description, when specified the model execution stats will save after the execution is completed.
  • publish - true to publish the stats if desc attribute is also specified.
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