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Execute MScript Expression During Debugging

Execute MScrxipt Exprsesion allows users to run mscript expression at runtime when model execution is paused. Use this feature for debugging or interaction with AUT.

Execute MScript

To execute an MScript expression, just type them into the text area and click on the run button above MScript text area.

The results from the execution are displayed in the area underneath Execute button.

You may enter multiple MScript expressions in separate lines and they will be executed sequentially one line at a time. Long MScript expression will be auto-wrapped in the text area.

MScript Function List

You may select MScript function from a list by clicking on “func” link on the upper-right corner above MScript text area. The MScript function list will be shown.

You cal also bring up MScript function list by pressing “Ctrl-Space”.

Clicking on “func” link again to hide MScript function list. Clicking area outside of MScript function list will also close the MScript list.

Select the MScript function by clicking on the MScript name. The MScript expression is automatically inserted into MScript text area at the current cursor position.

By default all MScript functions from system and all plugins that have been activated for the model will be displayed in MScript function. You may filter MScript function list to a specific plugin by selecting the plugin from the plugin dropdown list.

Continue Debugging

While you are in MScript Sandbox window, you may use the mini-buttons to advance the model execution.

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