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File and Excel Requirements

Requirements stored in MS Excel document or text file (tab delimited) can be retrieved into your model with a simple setting. The requirements can be in a single sheet or in multiple sheets within the same workbook.

  • CSV or TAB delimited file
  • Excel Worksheet (xls)
  • Http accessible tab delimited file

File Location

The file must be stored in dataset folder within the model folder. For Http file, the file must be accessible from TestOptimal server.

ALM Configuration

Just enter the file name into the Parameter field on ALM_Configuration.

For Excel the default sheet (sheet 0) is retrieved. You may specify a specific worksheet to be read as well as the columns in the worksheet. For example:


You may pull the requirements from multiple sheets with the following example:


In the above example it pulls requirements from the sheet “Sheet2” as described in example 1 and from the second and fourth columns from sheet “ReqSheet”.

There is no physical limit on the number of sheets you may use to pull the requirements from.

File Format

The file or worksheet must contain following columns in order:

  • Tag - requirement code
  • Name - requirement short name
  • Priority - requirement priority
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