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 +Here are some good starting points for browsing.
 +  * [[HowToUseWiki|HowToUseWiki]] gives you the quick lowdown on Wiki markup.
 +  * [[RecentChanges|RecentChanges]] recorded automatically
 +  * [[MoreAboutMechanics|MoreAboutMechanics]] of browsing and editing on this server
 +Here's a title search. Try something like //wiki// or //​sandwich//​.
 +Use the following for a full text search. This takes a few seconds. The results will show all lines on a given page that contain a match.
 +Separate words with a space. All words have to match. \\ To exclude words prepend a '​-'​. \\ Example: 'wiki text -php' looks for all pages containing the words '​wiki'​ **and** '​text',​ but **not** containing the word '​php'​.
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