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TestOptimal browser application has a simple screen navigation design keeping all the information and data within couple of clicks away. Below is the default view of IDE showing model execution paused at a state.


  • Sizing & Refresh - re-size and refresh window panes.
  • Menus - application menus
  • SideBar - controls model execution and debugging
  • FileList Tab - file/model listing
  • Model Tab - model graph and model animation/debug
  • Screens Tab - AUT screen snapshots taken during model execution
  • mScript Tab - mScript editor
  • Monitor Tab - model execution monitor and control
  • Stats Tab - model execution coverage and performance stats
  • SeqTrace Tab - shows last 200 (configurable) traversals of model execution
  • Vars Tab - shows user/sys variables in realtime during model execution (rel. 3.1.17)
  • UI Map Tab - shows UI Map definition (rel. 3.1.17)
  • PDA IDE - browser IDE on mobile devices

Other useful resources:

  • Manage License - enter license key or request trial license key
  • Config - view and edit system configuration, accessed from menu “Help / Config”
  • Security - enable security
  • Integration - various integration with external systems
  • SvrMgr - remote start/stop/report usage stats and push model archives to TestOptimal Runtime servers (rel. 3.2.25).
  • Enterprise Edition - provides concurrent modeling, model orchestration and inter-model communications (rel. 3.2.31 beta)
  • Property Dialog - property editor (config, model, mbt, state, trans)
  • DataSet Editor - to create or change dataset for the transition
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