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 +===== Cumstom MScript Functions =====
 +MScript Implementation provides a way to call your java class functions from MScript.
 +To create a set of MScript functions, follow the two steps below:
 +  * create a java class with a constructor that accepts one parameter of type MbtScriptExecutor. ​ Any public methods in this java class can then be called from MScript. ​ See [[MScript Impl Example]].
 +  * copy the .class or .jar file into //lib// folder and restart //​TestOptimal//​ server.
 +Now you are ready to use the methods with the following two steps:
 +  * register your java class in "MBT Start" trigger: //<​action code="​$addMScriptImpl('​MyMScriptMethodClass'​)"/>//​
 +  * call your java class function like MScript functions by prefixing the function name with an underscore ("​_"​),​ for example: //<log msg="​running my mscript function: $_myMethod_2('​p1','​p2','​$date()'​)"/>//​
 +where //​myMethod_2//​ is the name of the function you have implemented in the java class. Note if you place your java class in a java package, you will need to specify the full java class path in the //​$addMScriptImpl()//​.
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