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 +===== Format Date/Time =====
 +The date/time can be formatted using the standard [[http://​docs.oracle.com/​javase/​7/​docs/​api/​java/​text/​SimpleDateFormat.html|java date format syntax]].
 +Below are a few examples:
 +    <log msg="​$date('​today',​ '​MM-dd-yyyy'​)"/>​
 +    <log msg="​$date('​tomorrow',​ '​MM/​dd/​yy'​)"/>​
 +    <log msg="​$date('​+2D',​ '​yyyy-MM-dd)"/>​
 +    <log msg="​$time('​now',​ '​MM/​dd/​yyyy HH:​mm'​)"/>​
 +    <log msg="​$time('​+2H',​ '​HH:​mm'​)"/>​
 +    <log msg="​$time('​-10M',​ '​HH:​mm:​ss'​)"/>​
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