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 +===== How to Get A Date String for a Specific Date =====
 +You can specify a delta when you call $date() or $time() methods. See following examples:
 +   <​log msg="2 days from today is: $date('​+2D'​)"​ />
 +   <​log msg="2 days prior to today is: $date('​-2D'​)"​ />
 +   <​log msg="1 week from today is: $date('​+1W'​)"​ />
 +   <​log msg="2 months from today is: $date('​+2M'​)"​ />
 +   <​log msg="3 years from today is: $date('​+3Y'​)"​ />
 +   <​log msg="2 hours from now is: $time('​+2H'​)"​ />
 +   <​log msg="2 hours prior to now is: $time('​-2H'​)"​ />
 +   <​log msg="​30 minutes from now is: $time('​+30M'​)"​ />
 +   <​log msg="​15 minutes prior to now is: $time('​-15M'​)"​ />
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