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 +===== Database Access =====
 +You can access any JDBC compliant databases to either read from the database or update database directly from MScript. ​ This document describes how you can set up a data set that points to a database and read from the data set using MScript.
 +The first step is to declare a //db// - data source with the JDBC driver and connection string.  ​
 +Then you can declare //dataset// to read from the //​db//​. ​ Below is an example of basic MScript:
 +  <db id="​myDB"​ connectionstring="​jdbc:​mysql://​myDbHost:​3306/​mySqlDBName"​ driverclass="​com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"​ user="​xxx"​ password="​yyyy"/>​
 +  <dataset id="​myDS"​ db="​myDB"​ mode="​replace">​
 +    <sql>
 +      select * from orders where dept = ?
 +    </​sql>​
 +  </​dataset>​
 +  ​
 +  <action code="​$loadFromDataSource('​myDS','​Sales'​)"/>​
 +  <log msg="​myDS info: $dataSetInfo('​myDS'​)"/>​
 +  <log msg="​reading data: $getData('​myDS','​orderID'​)"/>​
 +  <action code="​$nextDataSetRow('​myDS'​)"/>​
 +  <log msg="​reading next row: $getData('​myDS','​orderID'​)"/>​
 +  ​
 +Check out [[externalsources | External Resources]] for a list of JDBC drivers for your database and their connection strings.
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