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 +===== IDE Pane Customization =====
 +TestOptimal IDE consists of three panes: Design (left pane), Info (top right pane) and Code (bottom right pane). Tabs are displayed in these panes. The tabs can be re-assigned to any of the three panes to suite your needs. To customize the tabs for the panes, click on the {{http://​testoptimal.com/​img/​customize.png}} mini icon. A popup window will open as follows:
 +Drag and drop the tab to add or remove tabs from each pane as displayed.
 +The tabs can also be opened in a separate window/​browser tab (depending on your browser setup if new window will open or new tab will open). To do so, click on {{http://​testoptimal.com/​img/​newWin.png}} on the upper-right corner of the tab label. The tab will be disabled after the the new window is open. Closing the window will then cause the tab to be re-enabled.
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