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-=====JavaUIA Plugin ===== 
-//JavaUIA Plugin// provides a set of MScript Functions for interacting with //Java UI Applications//​. ​ 
-[[http://​testoptimal.com/​javaDoc/​reference/​com/​webmbt/​plugin/​JavaUIAPlugin.html| MScript Functions]] ​ 
-==== Enable JavaUIA Plugin ==== 
-To use //JavaUIA// plugin, open the [[ModelNode|model properties]],​ locate //JavaUIA// plugin and check the checkbox next to the plugin. 
-//JavaUIA// plugin can be used with other plugins together to build a comprehensive test automation suite to test multiple applications of different types simultaneously. 
-==== More Information ==== 
-You may find more discussion on //JavaUIA// plugin at [[http://​testoptimal.com/​fud/​index.php?​t=thread&​frm_id=8&​rid=7 | UI App Automation Discussion/​Forum]]. 
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