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License Error Codes

This document lists the error codes related to license key. Use this list to help trouble shooting the problem.

  • 100: un-registered license
    • Is this new license key recently issued? If so, report this issue to TestOptimal support.
  • 101: unable to contact license server
    • Is your computer connected to internet?
    • Is your computer behind firewall? If so, please check firewall setting to ensure http://testoptimal.com// is not blocked.
  • 102: bad packet returned from license server
  • 103: license host/port mismatch (license already used on another host/port
    • Are you running TestOptimal on a different machine? TestOptimal licenses are locked to a specific computer except Float licenses. To move move TestOptimal installation to another computer, contact TestOptimal.
  • 104: license has been cancelled or traded-in
  • 105: license not authorized to run current release (no maint)
  • 106: bad packet returned from license server that describes the license maintenance days
  • 107: bad license key pieces
  • 108: bad license key, no email
  • 109: svr mgr error in returning a valid license
  • 110: error calling svr mgr
  • 111: unable to validate license
  • 112: failed to validate license
  • 113: missing license key 2
  • 114: float license can only be used on SvrMgr
  • 115: SvrMgr unable to find an available float license
  • 117: encountered bad data structure during license validation
  • 118: license instance limit exceeded
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