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 +===== Mark Mode Execution =====
 +//Mark// mode allows you to generate custom test cases from the model.  ​
 +==== How to Use Mark Mode ====
 +To enable //Mark// mode, click on //Mark// icon on the left sidebar area.  You will be prompted to choose the [[sequence_mode | Sequence Mode]] to execute the model. ​ //Mark// icon will turn green indicating it's enabled.
 +Once the //Mark// mode is enabled, select the states and transitions you wish to cover by clicking on the states and transitions while holding down the //shift// or //ctrl// key.  You should see the states and transitions tagged with a sequence number indicating the order they were //​marked//​. ​ The order may or may not be meaningful depending on the sequencer used.
 +Click on //Run// button to execute the model.
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