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MCase is an a collection of states and transitions of the model to represent a specific test scenario or a set of scenarios. MCase is created using MCase View.

MCase Sequencers

MCases are executed by these two sequencers: MCaseOptimal and MCaseSerial.

The states and transitions do not need to be consecutive. TestOptimal uses built-in optimization algorithm to find the shortest test path to traverse all states and transitions listed in MCase with minimum duplicates. This is a well-known Chinese Postman Problem.

MCase Use Cases

MCase allows you to perform incremental testing of parts of your application affected by the changes. You can create as many MCase as you need and execute subsets or all of MCase at will.

You can also create Data-Driven testing using MCase. As each transition in an MCase is traversed, a specific row from the test dataset can be retrievedto set up the test scenario.

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