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 +===== Message Sequence Chart (MSC) =====
 +Message Sequence Chart (MSC) is commonly used to represent the dynamic behaviour between two processes or applications. These inter communications can be found in most of the applications and systems. //​TestOptimal//​ uses MSC to visualize these dynamic behaviours. Below is an MSC that describes the transition traversals of a model execution:
 +In the above MSC, each message represents a transition traversal a source state to a target state.
 +Complex test scenarios may involve multiple models to synchronize and communicate together. The following are examples of inter-model operations:
 +  - setting user variables remotely in another model execution
 +  - sending signal to activate a state in another model execution
 +  - sending signal to trigger a transition in another model execution
 +[[EnterpriseEdition|EnterpriseEdition]] of TestOptimal automatically captures these inter-model communications and present them in MSC like the following:
 +MSC is available in rel. 3.2.30.
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