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 +===== Model Execution Buttons (Sidebar Buttons)=====
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​start.png}} start the MBT execution
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​debug.png}} start the MBT execution in debug mode
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​pause.png}} pause the MBT execution or step over to the next mScript line or next trans/state whichever comes first if MBT execution is already paused.
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​stepline.png}} step to a specific mScript line number or advance by a specified number of mScript lines. Available in Model Graph window.
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​stepover.png}} step over to next trans/state
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​stop.png}} stops the MBT execution
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​clearBreak.png}} clear all breakpoints
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​dryRun.png}} test run MBT without executing mScript or if you just want to generate test sequences.
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​modelGraph.png}} displays the model graph in a popup window with contextual menu (right mouse click) on states and transitions. From the popup window, you can debug and execute models interactively.
 +  * {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​seqGraph.png}} (release 3.0) or {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​travGraph.png}} (release 2.x) generates sequence graph from the model using the sequencer selected without executing the model.
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