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Model List Tab

Model List Tab, a tab page in Server Manager, displays models and their archival history managed by Server Manager. It also shows the deployment status for the model to all Runtime servers.

Context Menus

Right mouse click on the model brings up this model context menu which allows you to delete the model or access more details about the model:

  • Delete - to delete the model and all of its archives.
  • Details - to display list of archives with the option to delete a specific archive, see below.

Model Archival Details

Model Archival Details lists all archival versions saved for the selected model and their status. Notice the archID displayed at the beginning of each model archival version, this is the identifier you can use to retrieve the specific archival version of the model for execution using mScript.

To delete an archival version, click on del link next to the archival version you wish to delete. Be sure to leave at least one archive for each model.

Model Archival

Models checked in are versioned in Server Manager's built-in database. Each archival version of the model is assigned a unique id (numeric number). This is the identifier you will later to retrieve the specific archived version of the model for execution.

Remove Model Archival

You may remove a specific archival version of the models using the context menu.

Check In Models

ProMBT and Enterprise editions can check in models to Server Manager directly using the IDE after connected to Server Manager.

To connect your IDE to Server Manager, click on File / Connect SvrMgr menu item. This assumes that your ProMBT or Enterprise edition has been configured with the right host and port # of your Server Manager.

Deploy Models

The latest archival version of the models are automatically pushed out to all Runtime servers managed by Server Manager. By default the latest version of the models are used / pushed to the Runtime servers.

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