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 +MScript Editor Menu {{http://​testoptimal.com/​img/​more.png}}
 +To access this menu, hover mouse over {{http://​testoptimal.com/​img/​more.png}}. The menu will display. To close the menu, move the mouse away from the menu.
 +  * Add Trigger - to add a new [[User Defined Trigger|user defined trigger]] to the current state/​transition context.
 +  * Delete Trigger - to delete the current [[User Defined Trigger|user defined trigger]]
 +  * Compile - to check mScript syntax, same as {{http://​testoptimal.com/​img/​compile.png}}
 +  * Call Hierarchy - to generate [[Trigger Call Hierarchy Diagram|trigger Call Hierarchy Diagram]] starting at the current trigger.
 +  * Find - to bring up [[MScript Search Dialog|search dialog]], same as ctrl/cmd-F
 +  * Find Next - to find the next match
 +  * Find Previous - to find the previous match
 +  * Replace - to bring up the [[MScript Replace Dialog|replace dialog]]
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