MScript Editor Shortcut Keys

MScript Editor supports shortcut keys that allow you to perform basic editor functions. Below is the list of the shortcut keys (Windows key in bold / Mac key in italic):

  • Ctrl-Space / Cmd-Space: Code assist when cursor is in an attribute or on a blank line
  • Ctrl-A / Cmd-A: Select all
  • Ctrl-B / Cmd-B: Collapse / Expand current MScript tag that has children tags
  • Ctrl-D / Cmd-D: Delete current line
  • Ctrl-E / Cmd-E: Execute highlighted MScript expression in MScript Sandbox
  • Ctrl-F / Cmd-F: Search and replace a string, enter lower case for case insensitive search
  • Ctrl-K / Cmd-K: Check MScript syntax (compile)
  • Ctrl-L / Cmd-L: Goto a specific line: line number or lid
  • Ctrl-M / Cmd-M: Code-assist: macro
  • Ctrl-P / Cmd-P: Code-assist: plugin function
  • Ctrl-R / Cmd-R: Code-assist: requirement
  • Ctrl-S / Cmd-S: Code-assist: system function
  • Ctrl-U / Cmd-U: Code-assist: UI Map
  • Ctrl-Z / Cmd-Z: Undo changes
  • Ctrl-Y / Cmd-Y: Redo changes
  • Ctrl-Home or Alt-Up / Cmd-Up: Move cursor to the beginning of the mscript document
  • Ctrl-End or Ctrl-Down / Cmd-Down: Move cursor to the end of the mscript document
  • Ctrl-Left / Alt-Left: Move cursor 1 word to the left
  • Ctrl-Right / Alt-Right: Move cursor 1 word to the right
  • Alt-Left / Cmd-Left: Move cursor to the beginning of the line
  • Alt-Right / ''Cmd-Right: Move cursor to the end of the line
  • Ctrl-Backspace / Alt-Backspace: Delete word to the left
  • Ctrl-Delete / Ctrl-Alt-Backspace or Alt-Delete: Delete the word to the right
  • Ctrl-[ / Cmd-[: shift line to the left (un-indent)
  • Ctrl-] / Cmd-]: shift line to the right (indent)

MScript shortcut keys are complement to IDE Shortcut Keys.

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