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MScript Impl Java Class Example

Compile this java class using javac or your IDE and package it into a jar file and copy it to lib folder. Restart TestOptimal.

public class MyMScriptMethodClass {
   private MbtScriptExecutor scriptExec;
     // Required constructure of the exact signature!
     public MyMScriptMethodClass(MbtScriptExecutor scriptExec_p) {
         scriptExec = scriptExec_p;
         // add your initialization code here.
         System.out.println("# of plugins activated: " + scriptExec_p.getPluginList().size());
     public String myMethod_1() {
         System.out.println ("myMethod_1 called");
         return "myMethod_1 OK";
     public String myMethod_2(String ... params_p) {
         System.out.println ("myMethod_2 called with params " + params_p.toString());
         return "myMethod_2 OK";
     public void close() {
         System.out.println ("closing MyMScriptMethodClass");
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