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mScript Log files contain the log messages written out by <log> tag of mScript. Each model execution creates a new version with the following naming convention:


where 'modelName' is the name of the model and 'seq#' is an integer derived from the current time.

These log files are auto-purged each time the model is executed. By default, only the last 5 versions of the log file for each model are kept. You can change the purging criteria with a configuration setting in “config.properties” in “config/” folder.

For example the following setting will keep the last 10 versions of mScript log files for each model:


You can also specify the purging criteria by number of days or weeks, for example the following setting will keep all mScript log files for each model created in the last 4 days:


You may use “Y” for year and “W” for weeks.

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