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 +MScript search dialog allows you to search for the matching string: exact match or regular expression. You can bring up the search dialog with ctrl/cmd - G or with [[MScript Editor Menus|MScript Editor Menus]].
 +Enter the exact string after "​Search:​ " and press "​Enter"​ key to search for exact match (case sensitive).
 +To perform case in-sensitive search, enter the search string in all lower case.
 +To perform [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Regular_expression|regular expression]] search, enter the regular expression after "​Search:​ " and press "​Enter"​ key.
 +If matches are found, the cursor will position at the first match. To find the next match, press ctrl/cmd - G or "Find Next" in [[MScript Editor Menus|MScript Editor Menus]]. To find the previous match, press shift-ctrl/​cmd - G or "Find Previous"​ in [[MScript Editor Menus|MScript Editor Menus]].
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