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 +Path: right pane / **mScript**
 +Please note that mScript displayed in this tab contains one additional attribute "​lid"​ in each of the script tag. This is auto-generated by **//​TestOptimal//​** to help you locate the script during debugging. When the MBT execution is paused inside an mScript, it will display the line# of the mScript tag where it paused at in the [[ModelingTab|ModelingTab]]. Use the browser "​Find"​ to quickly locate the mScript tab by seaching for the line#.
 +[[mScriptFunc|mScript methods]] - method / function you can call in the mScript tag, for example **getValue()** <action code="​getValue(id=myButton)"​ /> is an mScript method.
 +Release 2.x: This tab displays the [[mScriptTags|mScript Tags]] of your model (see http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​mScriptTab.jpg). If the mScript file has not been created, this tab will display the system generated mScript from your model. The mScript file must have the same name of the model file name with "​.xml"​ as the file extension instead.
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