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 +===== Oracle Functions =====
 +The function of an oracle in testing is to adjudicate the test result and call the testing success or failure. ​ Typical the oracle function can be expressed by a series of expression that can be automatically executed. ​
 +For example, if you are testing the bank transaction,​ you may have oracle function to calculate the transaction net amount for each transaction so that the transaction net amount can be used by test framework to compare with the actual to determine the test is passed or failed.
 +==== Verify (V) Field ====
 +//​DataDesigner//​ allows you to use //MScript// function to evaluate and set the field value for the //Verify// fields such as the transaction net amount example above.
 +//Verify// fields (coded //V// in  the //​Coupling//​ column) are fields that are used to compare with the actual results and thus they do not participate in the combinatorial algorithm to generate test data.  Therefore //MScript// function specified in the domain value will only be executed after the test data set is generated and it will be executed for each row of the generated test data set.
 +For example:
 +  $add ('​[CheckAmount]',​ '​[CachAmount]'​)
 +In the above example, it adds //​CheckAmount//​ and //​CashAmount//​ together to assign the result value to the //Verify// field. ​
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